First-time Home Buyers

You’re thinking about buying a home. What you should know.

Buying a home is more than deciding the style of home and the number of bedroom and baths you need. It’s one of the most important financial decisions you will make. The Merrill Bartlett Group real estate team will guide you throughout the process. 

  • First we meet with you to learn about what you’re looking for in a home. We listen to your needs and determine your expectations. We also talk about how buyers and sellers are represented in New Hampshire by real estate agents and the choices you have.  Before we begin the first meeting, The Merrill Bartlett Group real estate agent will talk with you about how real estate agents represent home sellers and buyers in New Hampshire and give you a copy of the NH Brokerage Relationship Disclosure Form,
  • Then we help you determine your home search priorities. Priorities may include how you will live in your home – will it be a home full of people and activities or a quiet, relaxing retreat? Will you work at home? What’s a comfortable distance to commute? Do you have pets? What did you like and dislike about other homes and other neighborhoods where you’ve lived?
  • How to search for properties on the Internet at  and how to set up a virtual agent to allow your search to come to you when a new listing is posted.
  • Want to see a home? It’s easy. We'll make arrangements for you whether it’s The Merrill Bartlett Group listing or a listing from another company.
  • We’ll help you find a lender who will prequalify you to purchase a home.  (See the mortgage resource page on this website.)  
  • We’ll help you prepare and submit an offer including:
    • Determining the price you want to offer. We’ll do a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for the property you’re interested in to help you learn the closed prices of recently sold similar properties
    • Help you review the Seller Property Disclosure so you have a clear understanding of the properties.
  • After your offer is accepted we’ll:
    • attend your home inspection and guide you through the response process.
    • send information to your lender
    • provider equired information to the closing company

Some properties that might interest the first time home buyer include:

NH Homes under $200k

NH Homes under $300k