Best Ways to Show Your Home

The easier it is to show your home, the easier it is to sell it!

  • Participate in our e-showings service

  • Have flexibility in allowing us to show your home

  • If a buyer approaches you directly, please contact your listing agent. Do not allow them onto your property unescorted

Tips to make a successful showing of your home.

  • Keep your home ready-to-show

  • Confine your pets or take them with you

  • Open all draperies and window shades during daylight hours

  • Open doors between rooms to invite people to walk through

  • Turn on lights and replace bulbs with high wattage bulbs if needed

  • Make beds, pick up clothes, fold towels and put the toilet lid down

  • Lock away any jewelry or valuables

  • Remove any fixtures not included in the sale such as ceiling fans, lights or shelves